I'm Stefan Saalfeld, a Munich based german artist, who is inspired by classic painting and the potentials of digital technology.
My work is structured in multiple series of different topics. I am very much interested in color, space and textures. In my creation process I try to turn concepts into something new, something inspiring, that radiates the power of the NEW.

For example in the series TRANSFORMERS and FRACTALS I added (mostly hand painted) images to digital 3D modells. The combination of analog and digital material leads to a surprisingly sensuous and nuanced aesthetic. 

The with the help of AI generated GOLDEN AGE series goes even further. The algorithms dig deep into art history and spill out an amalgam of pictures from the best artists of all ages. The image output can also be seen as a visual ready made, produced by a lunatic dream machine. I use a specific style to elaborate a timeless atmosphere, oscillating between surrealism and naive genre painting. I love nature, flowers, mountains. The GOLDEN AGE flowers are wild, bold and interact in a subtle, versatile and also exaggerated way.